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Stanley Voke


C. St. Clair Robinson (1957-1964)


Two and a half years without a pastor ended with the induction of Mr Robinson. He wrote to Bethesda before coming;


"The most powerful impression I have gained of Bethesda is that you are a praying people...never having lived in the North before, we were wondering what sort of people we were coming to, and how we would fit in. Your welcome and wonderful friendliness to us both, has not only removed our doubts, but has given us something we shall remember for the rest of our lives. The sincere love of the word which characterises Bethesda and make it a privilege to minister to you, has sent me to my Bible with a deeper desire to rightly divide the word of truth".


Mr Robinson began his Thursday Evening Bible School in the Marshall Hall, however, the crowd grew to 3,000 people and the meeting was moved into the main chapel hall.


In 1964 Mr Robinson announced that he had accepted a call to pastor a church in Canada.

David Jones


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