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Discipleship is one of the keys of local church growth. Every one should be involved in discipleship at some level. Bethesda offers a number of discipleship courses designed to:


  • Introduce someone to Christianity

  • Nurture someone in their new faith in Christ

  • Equip believers to disciple others

Discovering Christianity
John and Romans
John and Romans contains ten studies on questions such as 'Who is Jesus?', 'What is Sin?', 'What is the Gospel?'
It is designed to take the student through the Gospel of John and the Epistle of Romans in ten weeks.
Click here for the German version.
Discovering Christianity
New Foundations
New Foundatiions contains ten studies on questions such as 'How do I read the Bible?', 'Is Church Important?', 'What is Baptism?'
It is designed to take a new Christian through imporant themes that were only touched on in John and Romans.
Discovering Christianity
God's Will
God's Will contains ten studies about the principles of how to know and obey God's will.
Discovering Christianity
This study contains ten studies on the office of a Deacon of the local church.
It deals with such topics as the character and role of a Deacon.
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