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Work began on Fulwell Mill in 1806 and was completed in 1808 costing £900. The Mill produced flour and was producing animal feed up until 1949.


If we don’t breathe for 3 minutes, drink for 3 days or eat for 3 weeks, we die. We eat for survival and for satisfaction. When Jesus Christ said He was the ‘Bread of Life’ He was creating a picture for us.


Just like the body needs food to survive, so the soul needs Christ. Without Christ, our destiny is hell (also known as the second death). This is because we have sinned against a holy God who, if He is good, must punish sin. His just punishment is hell. Christ came to remove your sin by dying in your place on the cross and rising again 3 days later.


Notice that the verse says that those who come and believe on Christ will never hunger or thirst. Perhaps you have sought satisfaction in the things of this world, only to be left feeling dry and empty.


Christ calls you to Himself. The only way to come is to accept you are a sinner and trust in what He has done for you. You can’t earn this or purchase this. It is a gift offered freely to you.


Will you come and believe on Christ for your soul’s survival and satisfaction?


Wearmouth Bridge was opened 9th August 1796. Although you could already cross the river by ferry or by travelling to Chester-Le-St and crossing there, the Bridge became another way to cross. Did you know that you once had to pay a toll charge to cross the bridge?


Jesus Christ makes it clear in John 14:6 that He is not just ‘another way’ to Heaven, but that He is the only way to God the Father.


Our sin has separated us from God and nothing we do to try and earn our way to Him will ever be enough. The sins which we have committed must be punished. God’s punishment is separation from Him for ever in hell.


The Good News is that God made a way to bridge the gap. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross and take our punishment. Jesus paid the toll charge for us by shedding His blood. Then He rose again!


The Bible tells us that if we humble ourselves, acknowledge that we have sinned against God and put our trust in Jesus Christ then we will be forgiven and cleansed.


Will you cross the bridge from death to life today?

Work began on Roker Pier in 1885 using a 290 tonne crane nicknamed the Mighty Goliath. Finished in 1902 it was officially opened by the Earl of Durham in 1903. The 2,800ft breakwater pier serves as a safe haven against the storms of the North Sea.


Light removes darkness. We have lights in our homes, our cars, our phones; we even have lights that keep our streets bright during the night. Light is important to us. In the Bible, light represents good and darkness represents evil.


When Jesus Christ said that He was the Light of the World, He was telling us that He came to remove the darkness. What darkness? The darkness of our sins, the deeds we have done that we are ashamed of.


Christ died for our sins and rose again. If we confess to God that we have sinned against Him and ask Him to forgive us and cleanse us through the blood of Christ, then Christ enters into our lives with His light and removes the darkness of our sins! There is more! Just like Roker Pier, Christ then also becomes your safe haven in the midst of life’s dark and stormy hours.


Will you allow the Light to remove the Darkness in your life today?

This sculpture is just one of the many wonderful art pieces that have transformed the North Bank of the River Wear. This piece was created between 1996 and 1997. It is called "Passing Through".


We are all just passing through this life; it will end one day for all of us. We will pass from one place to another; from earth to eternity. The Bible tells us that there are two places in eternity; heaven and hell.


Some believe that living a ‘good’ life earns an entry to heaven. This is not the message of the Bible. Through deeds like lying, stealing, blasphemy, lust and hate we rebel against God. God is just and punishes rebellion. The punishment is a place called hell.


However, God also made a way for us to find forgiveness for our rebellion against Him. Christ died in our place and rose again. Christ is the only door to heaven. Being a ‘good person’ is simply not good enough. The Bible says that only those who enter through Christ by trusting in Him will be in heaven.


Will you enter in through the Door of Christ today?

Built in 1844 Penshaw Monument overlooks the City of Sunderland. The monument is a replica of the Hephaestus in Athens. Penshaw Monument is not the real thing!


There are many things that seem genuine – but are not. This is true of religions; they appear to be true but they don’t pass the test.


Most religions bring people under bondage with long lists of DO’s and DON’Ts. The people try hard to keep the rules in order to find forgiveness of sins; but they just keep failing. Jesus Christ gives an amazing promise; “if you continue in my word… you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.


How is this possible? Jesus Christ has already DONE the work on the cross! He took the punishment you deserve, dying in your place and He rose again to prove that His payment was enough! He can then invite you to freedom and forgiveness of sins. Instead of trying to earn forgiveness, you can simply confess to God that you realise, first, that you have sinned against Him and second, that you need Christ’s gift of forgiveness.


Will you be set free by the truth today?

Nil Desparandum Auspice Deo became the motto of Sunderland in 1849. It can be found on old buildings, street lights, handrails, gates and other objects in the city. The motto means "Dont Despair, Trust God"

Have you experienced a time when your hopes were crushed? The world, in all of its uncertainty, sadness and trouble can only offer us a shallow hope.

We are in a hopeless situation because of sin. Each sin is a crime against God. God is good and just and must punish sin. Therefore, we are left in a hopeless condition; we are guilty and there is nothing we can do about it.

But there is hope! God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ and took our sin upon Himself on the cross to be punished in our place. He rose again three days later. If we confess our sins to God and put our trust in Christ as Saviour then we can have the certain hope that our sins will be forgiven and we will be transformed.

When we take “Trust God” [Auspice Deo] out of the motto we are only left with “Don’t Despair” [Nil Desperandum] - but without God all we have is despair.

Will you put “Trust God” back into your heart motto?

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