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I am Kooshan, I am from Iran. My friends call me Toomaj. Iran is a Muslim country where it is against the law to convert to another religion. I did not practice Islam, but I did believe there was a God. I had no freedom to search other religions safely, but my father and I did manage to study a little in secret.


Through some difficult experiences my father and I came to England in 2014. After that we had more freedom to study about Christianity. We liked it a lot - we liked how Jesus commanded His followers to love their enemies and not to hurt them. We came to the church and everybody was really friendly and welcoming and they helped us to understand more about the Bible.


The church people gave me a Bible in my own language which they had all signed. I began to read it more and to learn that Jesus was God and not just a prophet and that He died on the cross because of our sins.


I remember one night in Autumn I was with a Christian friend and we were talking about what Jesus did for us and at that time I feel a peace in my heart about that. I prayed and I asked God to forgive me for my sins through Jesus.


Now I tell other people from my country about Jesus. Some of them are still Muslims and are not happy to hear this message. But Jesus told His followers to share the gospel with others and to not be afraid.

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